We have had many opportunities this week to think about the needs of others! On Wednesday in Pre-prep, some of our Year 4 girls helped Chaplain to lead the Year 1 and 2 assembly. The girls (Anusha, Isabella, Riah, Susie and Nandini) have set up their own awareness group called SOWA, which stands for Save our Wild Animals, and are working hard to raise awareness about extinction and animals in captivity. While Chaplain told the story of Noah and his ark, the girls talked about their love of animals and the importance of looking after endangered species. We are very proud of you girls for your care and your initiative – well done!

While last Friday was focussed on giving overseas through our Christmas shoeboxes, this week in chapel the children in Prep thought about those in need closer to home. Mrs Sebrina Miller from Baby Bank Birmingham shared stories of how her charity is helping families across the city who cannot afford everything they need for their babies. Sebrina inspired us all to think about how we can use our hands to help others, and many children were asking after chapel how they can get involved! If any families from the school have second hand baby clothes, bottles, sterilising equipment, packets of wipes or nappies, buggies, cots – in fact anything to do with babies – they can drop items off in the Houses throughout next week, or children can bring them to the Lighthouse. These items will go directly to babies in Birmingham. A full list of items that are needed can be viewed in the Houses.

Mrs Drake