The first two BCS Experience Days of this academic year have taken place over the week. We were delighted to welcome thirty Year 4 pupils from Quinton Church Primary School and thirty Year 5 children from Chad Vale Primary School.

During the Forest School Experience, the Year 4 children enjoyed the opportunity to spend the whole day in the forest with Mr Isherwood, Mrs Walker, Mrs Jennings and Mrs Kearney. They learned several bushcraft skills, such as how to tie knots, bow-saw, make ‘cookies’ and light fires.

During the MFL Experience, the Year 5 children faced a variety of languages, tackling a range of fun and challenging language-based tasks. They became language detectives and had to use clues and problem-solving skills in order to achieve their tasks. They also participated in silent communication competitions using body language, facial expressions, gestures and mime.

In both Experience Days all the children had to work collaboratively and independently, and they showed great determination and perseverance.

Huge thanks to Mr Isherwood, Mrs Walker, Mrs Jennings, Mrs Kearney, Mrs Newman, the Estates team and the Catering team for all their work in ensuring our guests had wonderful days.

Miss Patel