On Monday 14th of October Year 3 welcomed two visitors from the Stone Age who shared with the children information about how Stone Age man lived and survived. The children got to feel and wear the type of clothes worn in the Stone Age and were able to see for themselves stone tools, such as axes and knives, along with other items such as wooden bowls and bone tools like needles. One of the activities participated in was the making of clay bowls which would have contained animal fat and a wick and worked as a primitive candle. Clothes made of animal skins were looked at and some of the children even got to wear these clothes. William in 3MH was “Really inspired by the experiences and stories of the visitor who had lived for a while as a Stone Age man himself.” Unayzah in 3JW was “fascinated by the way they shaped stones by banging them together.” “The fur of the clothing was fluffy and I loved stroking it!” said Taneesha in 3JW. Otis in 3MH “Enjoyed making the fat lamps.” And Lara in 3JW was “Interested in the tools they used and the way they painted faces.” A fantastic time was had by all and the experience really brought the learning from the classroom this half term to life.

Mr Wood