Dear Parents,

It is clear that there is a real issue with road safety on the surrounding roads to BCS. What do we have to do before things change? Will it take a serious accident? The safety of your child could be at stake!

When you are stopping to drop your child off on the main drive through the gate, you may think to yourself,  ‘It will only take two seconds!’. The truth, seeming however much unlikely, is that you are holding up the full queue of cars behind you. This has a direct impact on the surrounding junction and subsequently cars beeping their horns! Consequently, you may be panicking about getting late for a forthcoming event (such as work) and therefore are dropping your children off at extremely dangerous places – before reaching the hold up – such as the kerb. This is another problem altogether. It certainly ensures yet another hold up behind your car. Furthermore, as well as increasing the risk of your child getting hurt, you are putting the other children at risk of injury, who are walking on the pavement. There are a number of safe parking spaces such as the M&S Car Park, The Green Man Car Park, the small space just before you reach the boys’ Houses, the space close to the Sports Centre and many more, before you reach the school gates. These commercial car parks are free for an hour. It is alarming that some people are crossing the busy roads, even when they are so congested.

You may argue that you really need to get to work promptly, but isn’t your child’s safety your first priority? I am sure it is. Alternatively, you may want to try a different, safe way for you and your child to get to school: walking. It is greener and a way to spend some time just talking to your child. You could also share a car with a friend – improving friendships, and greener still!

There is a reason why there is a zebra crossing just in front of the boys’ Houses; to make sure they are safe. However, some cars are not stopping to let children pass when there is not a teacher in the middle of the drive. Some older children understand the situation and wait patiently at either side, but others, the younger ones especially, carry on walking. That is unbelievably dangerous. Surely you wouldn’t want your child to be injured?

As well as there being many ‘danger spots’ for children, there is one important ‘danger spot’ for cars: in the middle of the crossroad that is directly in front of the school gate. Cars turning into the school from Somerset Road come from the left, right and behind, causing an obvious hold up of traffic. This leads us yet again to people dropping their children at ridiculous places. 

I am proposing the idea, that we hire a crossing patrol person to aid road safety for children and cars alike. This is important because all of the above makes for one big, major crisis. I think that we should have a lollipop person near the school entrance. 

There is no doubt that there is much room for improvement, as I have mentioned the introduction of a crossing patrol, walking to school, car sharing and maybe even approaching the local Council to consider traffic lights at the junction. We must show more care and consideration on our roads to promote the safety and well being of our School community.

Yours faithfully,

Freya Mangotra

Head Girl at The Blue Coat School, 2019-20.