On Friday 11th October, children in Years 1 to 6 were treated to a Science Magic Show by Dr Matt Pritchard.  The show commenced with a few surprising rope tricks and progressed to some amazing balancing acts which, quite frankly, looked impossible!  Dr Matt took time to explain the science behind each ‘trick’ and some real life applications, with increasingly complex scientific explanations to the older children.  There included a tin which rolled up a ramp, as well as down, which some children, and staff, thought must contain a hardworking and obedient mouse! A vinegar sachet in a bottle of water seemed to be sinking down and then rising up following Dr Matt’s verbal instructions.  In fact, following the scientific explanation, this ‘trick’ gave us an insight into how submarines are able to go up and down in the sea. Dr Matt introduced us to a Nobel Prize winner, who was also the winner of the not-so-sort-after Ig Nobel Prize. We learnt a little of how the brain works and how to remember lists.  We were reminded of the importance of perseverance and practice.

Throughout, the message was ‘wow-how-now’.  There was an initial ‘wow’ and then the explanation of ‘how’ the act worked and then the stimulus to consider what this might lead to, the ‘now’.  One case in point was the spinning cups, powered by an elastic band.  Might this lead to a new form of ‘clean energy’ transportation? The children left inspired to try the tricks at home and aware of the importance and application of Science in all aspects of our daily lives.

Mrs Simmons