On Monday 4th November, Year 2 returned to school for the launch of their new topic and were immediately transported to the sunny, tropical climate of St Lucia. The children used map skills to find out about St Lucia’s location in the world, capital city and position within the Windward Isles. They found out about the climate and learnt about the significance of the colours in the flag. They produced superb passports to display this information. Later, they became fruit detectives as they researched about unusual fruits that are produced in tropical climates. Although they had never heard of some of these, they were intrigued to discover more about the ugli fruit, bread fruit, plantain and avocado. The children also became creative, when they converted a paper plate into a stunning St Lucia necklace. They used the flag as the main pendant and decorated a border with colourful buttons. To assemble and finish it, they threaded some attractive beads onto elastic. They were all very proud of their achievements. Well done Year 2 for demonstrating great enthusiasm on our special Launch day. You made it so enjoyable!

Mrs Straw