On Tuesday the children in Year 1 had two very special visitors, Doreen and Mike, who had been pupils at our school during the 1940s and early 1950s. The visit was planned as part of our Humanities topic about the history of The Blue Coat School and was a great way for us to benefit from hearing first-hand accounts of those times. They told us so many amazing things about their way of life as boarders which showed how life has changed. For example, the children used to do all the cleaning and were allocated jobs on a rota. Strangely, none of our present cohort thought they would like to clean the school! And the thought of walking to a swimming pool at Monument Road (roughly two miles away) wasn’t very appealing either. Both Doreen and Mike are very proud of their memories and association with the school and patiently answered a range of questions. Our thanks go to both them and Mrs Dredger for organising this special event.

Mrs McKenzie-Ward