On the beautiful, yet crisp, morning of Monday 18th November class 3HW and 3ZS visited the Barber Institute for a tour and workshop dedicated to the ‘figure’ in fine art. The classes were briefly introduced to the Institute’s history and the legacy left by the Barber family, before ascending the stairs to travel back in time; first to the renaissance period and then further back to the magical mythologies of the Ancient Greeks.

Year 3 learned what it was to be a wealthy warrior and how to pose like one; they learned of Zeus’ infidelity, Hera’s contempt and Hercules’ tragedy, before discovering how Hercules killed and skinned a lion before he slew the Lion’s Dragon brother in two of his 12 labours. With the tour complete, the students withdrew from the gallery and descended from the gallery to the workshop, where they were challenged to sculpt their own Ancient-Greek inspired grotesque heads; the children learned how to join the clay through cross-hatching and were taught how to create a more realistic looking eye through the use of their little fingers.

The children and staff alike had a really enjoyable time at the Barber Institute and would like to thank both Lisa and Grace for giving such an inspiring tour!

Mr Clements