Nine-year-old Kush has once again proved his prowess at judo in gaining a silver medal against a twelve-year-old opponent.

Kush competed in the Samurai Judo Club regional junior tournament held at Kidderminster on Saturday 16th November.  Last year he was only just able to participate at the young age of 8 years and he competed with three competitors aged 11-12 years old as the categories are decided by weight not by age or even experience. He won one and lost two, gaining a bronze medal.

This year Kush was again entered to compete against much older opponents aged 12-13 years. He had three rounds and ended up with a silver medal showing some excellent judo skills despite being significantly younger and less experienced than his opponent.

Unsurprisingly, Kush’s talent has been spotted and he displays significant potential to represent the sport and the region in the future. Until now he has only been training on a Wednesday after school for the last two years, but he will shortly start training with the 3Ks Academy in Warley to further develop his skills. With some extra coaching it is likely Kush will be scooped up by the British Judo Federation for the development squad as he shows “considerable potential”.

Well done Kush!