After a festive start to the day in chapel, singing Christmas carols with the Salvation Army, the chapel monitors headed off to the Operation Christmas Child processing centre. Together with Mrs Drake and Mrs Jennings, the children were shown around the West Midlands warehouse to see where our Christmas shoeboxes continue their journey. The children joined a team of volunteers in checking and sealing some of the 80,000 boxes which will leave the Warehouse over the next few weeks. They learnt that every single box is checked before it is sent around the world, to make sure anything inappropriate is removed. When boxes were a little empty, the children got the chance to fill them up with additional toys. It was lovely to bump into Rosemary, one of the volunteers who came earlier in the term to speak in chapel. After a hard morning’s work the children were treated to much deserved chocolate biscuits before heading back to school. Well done chapel monitors and thank you to Mr Paterson for driving us!

Mrs Drake