Congratulations to the following Pre-Prep children who have received Headteacher’s Awards for their efforts this week.

Cheerfully Trying Hard

Stefanos Psychogios
Azalea Sidley
Jaiveer Singh
Barnaby Horwitch-Smith
Whole Class 1M
Rohan Uppal
Emilia Mudie

Showing Respect

Yusuf Ahmed
Dara Soltaniazad
Reuben Cuell
Jonathan Nganwa

Truthful and Kind

Freya White

Good Work/Behaviour

Amelia Zeng
Heidi Horwitch-Smith
Alexandros Stamatakis
Sebastian Charles
Matthew Cibelli
Sophia Chen
Whole Class 1B
Hari Godhania
Whole Class 1V
Florence Horwitch-Smith
Aydin Khan
Alessandro Maio