On Friday 6 December, all of the children in the Prep School took part in the 50 question Mastermind Eliminator in an attempt to qualify as part of their House team for the Mastermind Final on the last day of term.  The questions are in the link below if you would like to give them a go! The children also knew that their score was to be factored into the overall Mastermind result, so every correct answer by each child mattered.  Scores were very impressive across all year groups and the following children qualified to represent their Houses:

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
St Margaret’s Taneesha Shetty (37) Nandini Kumar (39) Ria Hiawarka (42) Samah Mirza (42)
St Monica’s Shreya Raja (35) Emma He (39) Yandy Chen (43) Breshna Mohmanda (47)
St George’s Ismaeel Alam (42) Wahid Abdurrahman (44) Joel Drake (42) Henry de Bono (47)
St Philip’s Rajveer Kejriwal (40) James Longworth (43) Jack Whiting (45) Temi Adenopo (46)

The overall House standings after the Mastermind Eliminator were as follows:

1st place St Philip’s 322 points

2nd place St George’s 315 points

3rd place St Monica’s 314 points

4th place St Margaret’s 309 points

Then on Friday 13 December, the whole of Prep came together in the Sports Hall for the Mastermind Final.  Samah, Breshna, Henry and Temi should all be commended for how they dealt with the individual ‘black chair’ round.  Team rounds included a test on the chemical elements, a quiz on food and an amusing game of animal charades. Scores remained close at the end of proceedings before the ‘Big Question’ which could gain teams an additional 15 points at the last minute.  St Philip’s were the only team to answer correctly – well done!

The Big Question was as follows – 

Solve the following Maths equation:

The number of days in February in a leap year multiplied by The number of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Take that total and add the year in which The Blue Coat School was founded 

Take that total and add the age of Mr Newman (He was born on 26th February 1981) 

Take that total and subtract the number of cards in a standard deck which are the suit of diamonds and clubs 

The final scores were as follows:

1st place St Philip’s

2nd place St George’s

3rd place St Monica’s

4th place St Margaret’s

Congratulations to St Philip’s, our Mastermind Champions of 2019!