At the end of a long and busy term, when everyone is starting to feel a little tired and looking forward to the holidays, we may forget all that has been achieved at our school over the past 13 weeks.  The Prep Awards assembly has become a fixture in the calendar to ensure that Blue Coat, as a community, have a final celebration of everything that we have accomplished over the course of a term. There was certainly a lot to celebrate!

On the academic side, the organisation MENSA is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, and two of our pupils have become some of the youngest members this term.  Congratulations to Freya and Adam! 

The Primary Maths Challenge is designed to make pupils think outside of the box, with a real focus on problem solving.  Pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 have participated in the challenge this term, and they have been very successful. Miss Nazir handed out the Gold certificates to the pupils.

I am sure you will all remember the assembly that was given to us by the famous children’s author.  After that assembly, Year 6 were lucky enough to have some writing workshops with Ali Sparkes, and in groups they were tasked with coming up with a book title, blurb and opening paragraph.  Our two top groups produced stories entitled ‘Hunted’ and ‘Checkmate’. Those who wrote ‘Hunted’ were Zain, Freddie Trevis, Hari Philips, Oliver Almond, James Protherough and Raihan Ahmed, and those who produced ‘Checkmate’ Rishul Marrie, Aidan Zhang, Maggie Lester and Anjali Ajayaghosh. 

Staying on the theme of story writing, a pupil in Year 6 has achieved great success in this area.  Henry was shortlisted in the Guild Food Writers Write It Competition, and his short story ‘The incredible diary of a chicken nugget’ was recently published in a Young Writers Anthology.  Congratulations, Henry!

Mr Clements has certainly made a big impression in his first term as Head of Creative Arts, and the new weekly Standout Artist awards have been very popular.  Congratulations to all of our standout artists this term. This morning, Mr Clements presented prizes for voluntary homework that has been completed.  The Jewels of Wisdom Winners are as follows: Yr3: Lara Sethi, Yr4: Liang Zi, Yr5: Seb Stendall, Yr6: Mati Stendall.  The Stellar Speller Winners are: Yr3: Sam Sapey, Yr4: Jamie Meyer, Yr5: Elena Mirza, Yr6:Alessandro Salvi.

Mrs Lynn also presented some certificates to those who have impressed in DT this term.  The DT Spotlight Awards go to Inigo Hodge, Arjun Dev, Ananya Gulati, Ali Ahmad, Yusuf Douis, Danae Manolopoulos, Freya Mangotra, Lucy Carberry, Ishmaeel Alam, Daniel Du and Isabella Gabriel. 

There were no specific awards to hand out in relation to the Blue Coat Values, but Mr Newman gave a special mention to those who had received Values Stickers this term, to those who had sat at the Golden Table with Mr Neeson and to those who had been their class Star of the Week.  These are all celebrated in weekly Year Group assemblies, and as the BCS Values remain at the heart of our school, please continue to be proud whenever one of these awards are given.

Mrs Bennett then presented the Sports Awards and Mr Nicklin the Music Awards. House Heads then presented badges to those in Year 6 who have been appointed to the role of House Leaders for the Lent Term.  The leaders for this term were congratulated for all their hard work and commitment.

Along with our House Leaders, there are many who do a great job in other positions of responsibility at the school.  To our Eco-Committee, Playground Buddies, Science Ambassadors, School Council, Sports Leaders and Digital Leaders thank you for your ongoing hard work.  To have such a position of responsibility is a learning process – mistakes will be made along the way and difficulties will arise, but it is how you react and respond to those mistakes and difficulties that is so important.

Mr Neeson has been so impressed with our four school leaders this term, and it was Maggie, Hari, Will and Freya who finished off the wonderful assembly. 

Maggie Lester

We would like to say Happy Christmas to all of the staff who make it all happen for us at The Blue Coat School.  We want to say thank you to those who teach and care for us every day inside or outside of the classroom, giving it their all to ensure we become the best we can be.  Thank you also to those who lead us, feed us, look after the fabric of our school, and those who ensure that the school continues to run each and every day.  

Hari Phillips

We would also like to say well done to all of you, the pupils, for the energy that you have put in during a very busy term.  Enjoy a restful Christmas holiday, and we hope you come back feeling very refreshed at the start of the Lent Term. 

Will Smallwood

Please bow your heads for our school prayer.

Gracious God,

Thank you for our School.

Help us to learn from You and from each other, 

so that we may Grow in grace, courage and kindness, 

And receive more of your truth and love.  

Through Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Freya Mangotra

This morning has been a celebration of everything that takes place in our busy school.  If you have been applauded this morning for something particular, you should be extremely proud.  If you have not, please do not be overly disappointed, as each of us in the room has certainly made a positive contribution to life at The Blue Coat School this term in some way.