No nation, they say, is more obsessed by the weather than us, the British. It’s strange, considering that we have such a temperate climate. The odd inundation, the occasional blissful heatwave: otherwise, very little of significance. Well, as we embark on the excitement of a new term, we should be grateful that our weather is on the predictable side. When Australians pray for rain while flood waters wreak havoc in Indonesia there is an irony that does nothing to dampen the human tragedy. Global warming used to be regarded as a myth. Now it is reality writ large. And for the young of today, quite rightly, it is a topic of paramount importance.

Not that we have had time this week to think much of meteorological matters or the balance of the four elements. As we got up and running, the children were busy setting targets and goals as part of their BCS Blue, the exciting initiative which has been shortlisted for the Times and i25 National awards. 

Chatting through these carefully calibrated goals and targets, I have been struck by how motivating they are for the children, who show initiative and determination to develop their learning.

It was great to see so many boys and girls join our sports team for pre-season training on Monday. They were on top form and have certainly hit the ground running. A strong performance against Warwick and Bromsgrove in our first swimming time trial of 2020 was followed by the senior boys’ spirited hockey display against Foremarke Hall. It promises to be a successful season in all sports once again. 

I thoroughly enjoyed leading Pre-Prep and Prep assembly this week. I explored the idea that everyone is special; that we all have our part to play and must look at making good choices. The children were great participants and we set out our stalls for the coming term.

Please remember that you are very welcome to pop into my parent surgeries on a Thursday morning. I will always be there to listen and to  support you. As always, can you please keep an eye on the calendar for events. You are always welcome at Chapel, music, drama or sporting events.

Finally, may I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster