Regular readers of this column will be surprised – if not disappointed – to learn that I am not going to write anything about the Harry and Meghan saga – top of the topical pops though it is. If I were going to have my two pennies worth on the Sussexes, I would inevitably be drawn into talking about themes such as duty, selflessness, paranoia, loyalty, service and maturity.

And that could so easily lead us into a diatribe on Donald Trump and impeachment. To do these subjects justice, I would need pages the size of a Davros ski slope or Vancouver Island.

What does seem such a shame, as the former royal duo start their new life on the other side of the pond, is the family rift they are leaving behind. As a parent, like many who will scan this humble offering, I would be devastated at the idea of my children falling out to the point where they became geographically and emotionally estranged. Let us hope that there can be some reconciliation in the near future – if only for the sake of Granny… 

On our less illustrious plain, Week 3 was another busy one on all fronts. In our way, we, too, were flying!

The children were on fine form across Pre-Prep and Prep. I particularly enjoyed checking out a number of exercise books and chatting to their owners. It is always a great conversation starter when I ask about a particular piece of work, and the children seem taken aback that I know all about the presentation and topics being studied.

I must congratulate the U11 boys for a fantastic display at the IAPS National qualifiers at Rugby School. Reports suggest that they played terrifically well. Thank you to Messrs Harrison and Melia for supporting them.

It was lovely to meet Year 5 parents on Wednesday evening as we start their child’s journey to Senior School. Thank you for the positive feedback, which was very welcome.

Mr Newman, dusting down his History books, gave an excellent BCS Experience Day to pupils from St. Mary’s School as part of our developing outreach programme. It was a very positive day, which inspired so many.

Thank you to all the Year 5 and Year 1&2 parents who attended the information mornings. These mornings have been very favourably received, which is gratifying, not least to Miss Nazir and Mrs West, who have invested so much thought and energy in these important events.

Finally, a big thank you to all the boys and girls who are attending Open Day tomorrow. We very much appreciate the support of the children and their families.

Have a great weekend!