It was great to welcome 30 pupils from St Mary’s School to Blue Coat on Thursday 23rd January, all of whom were participating in a History Enrichment Day.  The subject of the ‘Princes in the Tower’ has aroused much interest and debate in modern times, and our visiting pupils were tasked with reaching a judgement on whether Richard III was responsible for their murder.  After setting the scene with some simple role play activities, the pupils from St Mary’s explored the key evidence and began to form their ideas.  Each group then began to formulate their arguments before the big debate at the end of the day.  All of the children were a credit to their school, and engaged in the activities extremely well.  Richard III was largely found guilty, although his loyalty to Edward IV up until 1483 did make many consider whether it was truly in his character to commit such a crime.  For those that may be interested, the video below sets the scene for this fascinating historical enquiry.

Mr Newman