Late yesterday afternoon 60 young witches, wizards and Muggles, plus a house elf and an owl were welcomed to the library for the first Harry Potter Book Night to take place at Blue Coat School.

After being sorted into their Hogwarts Houses they enjoyed magical cakes, stunningly decorated by Nisha from the kitchen team, washed down with a choice of delicious Butterbeer or Skele Gro potion.

Wizarding fun and games followed, including a duelling contest, a Gringotts inspired treasure hunt and a chance to free Dobby by giving him a sock. The older pupils also completed a Triwizard quiz while the ‘Hogwarts’ staff enjoyed a few minutes of peace and quiet during all the hard thinking that was going on!

Each activity was a chance to collect house points and the overall winners of both the Y2-3 session and the Y4-6 event were… Ravenclaw! The winners of the most creative costume were both very well deserved. Aashni wore a brilliant Professor Trelawney costume complete with crystal ball whilst the detail in Rayan’s amazing Hedwig costume was truly impressive.

Well done to everyone who took part and big thanks to all the staff who provided props to dress the library and those who helped run the events.

Mischief managed!

Ms Stacey