Every year, Holroyd Howe, our school caterers have a nominated charity in support of children that are less fortunate than ourselves. In 2020, they are working with ‘Children of the Mountain’, a non-profit organisation that focuses on the poorest areas of Nepal, building primary schools, kindergartens, creative classrooms, and providing teacher training. The company was founded in 2009 and has since had donations of £600,000, money which has been used to build 15 primary schools for 1500 children, 30 kindergartens for 600 children, 20 creative classrooms for 500 children and 200 teachers have also been trained.

On the last day of this half term, Friday 14th February, we will be hosting a charity day at The Blue Coat School, which will be a non-uniform day, in support of ‘Children of the Mountain.’ We will also be looking to raise more money for this worthy cause throughout the year, and if we reach £1976, this will be enough money to build an entire classroom. On Friday 14th February, pupils are encouraged to wear something ‘orange’ and there will be a prize for the most imaginative or uniquely dressed pupil. ‘Orange’ has strong meaning in Nepal as the ‘Colour of Transformation’ – promoting oneself with happiness, power and nobility. Any child who wears orange will receive a free ‘Handy Snack’ after lunchtime. This is a shortbread biscuit in the shape of a hand with orange icing on top. Lunch will also be themed as such and we will be selling more snack bags after school.

We will be doing a small presentation to the rest of the school during the morning to tell everyone more about the charity. As well as participating in our charity day itself, it is possible to make further donations online. We thank you in advance for your support.

Will, Freya, Maggie and Hari | School Officials