Pre Prep children had their binoculars at the ready this week as they took part in the ‘Big Schools’ Birdwatch′ for the RSPB. They each made bird feeders and hung them around outdoors and classes learnt about the different species of garden bird and how to identify them.

The playground and gardens around the school, were quiet and tranquil as the children scanned the skies, trees and shrubs to see which of their feathered friends they could spot.

Armed with their bird identification guides, and binoculars at the ready, they identified and recorded sightings of magpies, woodpigeons, blue tits, robins and crows during their session.

It was wonderful to see Pre Prep having great fun spotting and recording all the different birds that share our school grounds with us, and contributing to this great initiative for the RSPB.

Mrs Sargeant