It may seem a bit odd to kick off on a marginally disappointing note but, because I remain immensely proud of the School being nominated and short-listed for the Times Educational Supplement Awards in two categories, here goes. As you are aware, we narrowly missed out on those TES awards. Nevertheless, we had great feedback,  and I am so grateful to all the staff and children here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the parents for their continued support of our vision. 

Talking of vision, and 2020, if there were such a thing as an award for Best Prep School Play Production of the year, I dare say our version would be in the early running. And what a dramatic way to finish for half term! The Junior School production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was absolutely fabulous. 

The children kicked up their own personal Roald Dahl-inspired Storm Ciara, singing, dancing performing to a prodigious and enormously energetic level. I must commend them all for their efforts in their various roles. 

A special mention to all staff who made the show possible and a highlight in the children’s life: particularly to Mrs Jennings, Play Director, and to Mr Nicklin, Music Director, for leading the staff. Overall a massive (almost miraculous) team effort, which has helped me to forget all about the Calcutta Cup result.

Year 3ZS put on a fabulous assembly depicting Jesus’ miraculous walking on water. The children worked hard to convey clearly the message that if we trust in Jesus, we will assuredly be fulfilled in our daily lives.

In Oscar and Valentine week, love is very much in our uncharacteristically stormy air. It is only love and commitment from everybody involved which makes an organisation, an institution or a relationship function happily and effectively. 

And so, I want to congratulate all the children who have, this half term, sung at a recital, played a role as a playground buddy, taken part in a class assembly, represented the School at chess, played in a team sport, supported BCS in a maths competition, contributed as a playground leader or served on the Student Council, Eco committee; been a Science ambassador or Digital leader. Thank you, the lifeblood of BCS, from me. Yes, I heartily appreciate all that you contribute to the School.

Have a wonderful half term break!