Today our School Leaders: Freya, Will, Hari and Maggie have excelled themselves as role models to all the children at school. They have stepped up and demonstrated their leadership and organisation skills to help our School Caterers Holroyd Howe organise a charity day for ‘Children of the Mountain’. The aim of the charity is to help the poorest and most vulnerable children in Nepal by building new schools, classrooms and playrooms.

Thank you to all who supported our non-school uniform day and a special congratulations to those who managed to wear something orange! Orange as we now know is symbolic of ‘transformation’ and has a strong meaning in Nepal – promoting oneself with happiness, power and nobility. One pupil was chosen from each form as the ‘best-dressed’ and received a prize at morning break. Lots of ‘Handy Snacks’ were purchased with some special heart-shaped editions just for Valentine’s Day!

Luke  and the kitchen team treated everyone to an orange-themed menu of Southern Fried Chicken, Red Cheddar Margherita Pizza, Cheddar and Red Leicester Macaroni Cheese, Tiger Fries (Sweet Potato and Skinny Fries), Steamed Carrots and Paprika Dusted Corn, Jackets and Baked Beans, Butternut Squash Soup, with Mango and Orange Smoothie Pots, Vegan Orange and Mandarin Jelly and Orange Wedges and Satsumas to follow!  An orange-themed delight!