We welcomed 21 pupils from The Oratory Roman Catholic Primary School for a Multi-Media Experience day on Wednesday. BCS Producers, Mr Hill and Mr Nicklin, were on hand to take them through the process of producing their very own live TV newscast, “Live at 2”. After an initial production meeting, the children divided into two groups and began researching material for their scripts. Group one were looking at ‘This Day in History’ and the meaning of The Oratory School’s motto “Shine as to be a light to others”. Meanwhile, group two were researching the recent flood disasters, the effects of climate change and The Oratory’s Green Hearts initiative. Within the groups, roles were assigned so we had children working on graphics, music, directing and camerawork as being well as presenters. Scripts were finalised, rehearsals took place and then it was on to filming! Group one were in the studio filming in front of the green screen whilst group two went out to the Blue Coat garden to film their VTs which would later be dropped into the main programme. At the end of the day everyone sat down to watch the final edit and we think you will agree the children did an amazing job! Thank you to Mr Hill, Mr Nicklin, Mr Finglas, Miss Patel, Mr Paterson and all involved in this special experience!

Any primary schools wishing to take part in the BCS Experience Programme should contact Miss Patel to express an interest: patelra@thebluecoatschool.com.  A new programme will be available for 2020-2021 soon and Miss Patel will be able to pass on details.

Mrs Dredger