25 February 2020

U9A Netball v Solihull School (A)

BCS 5- Solihull 4

Scorers: Lois Hughes, Li Wan, Anusha Singh, Susie Tomlinson

An exciting game of high 5s Netball against Solihull on Tuesday afternoon. The girls were very excited for their first game after half term. As soon as the whistle blew the girls seemed to be playing at lightning speed, passing the ball before they had really caught it. This caused lots of errors and the ball was intercepted on a number of occasions. However, once their nerves settled down they played with more composure and passed the ball to the moving player. In fact, there were some really lovely passes with excellent strength behind. Our natural instinct is to still crowd and therefore not create any space for each other. We know where we need to be and how to move, we just need to put it into practise more often. With one quarter to go, the score was 3-3 and therefore all to play for. I spoke to the girls about running forwards for the ball and pushing the ball to the space and this is exactly what they did in the final 10 minutes. Solihull were not giving up either though and fought right up until the end however, the final score was 5-4 giving us a well deserved win!

Mrs Somerville


26 February 2020

U11B Netball v EHS (H)


Scorer: Ishani Shah

Player of the Match: Ishani Shah

The U11B team played their first game after half term against EHS. It was a fast paced game, in that the ball was passed like a hot potato which made the game scrappy. However, once the girls settled, the passing and moving became more structured. We had a number of chances to score but unfortunately we were unable to finish. Some lovely interceptions and tips on the ball but we need to make safe decisions as the ball is often given away as many times as we won it back. The girls showed some better positioning on centre and backline passes which was good to see and something we had been working on. Well done girls, it was a very close game. Final score 2-1

Mrs Somerville