Today, pupils, staff and governors welcomed Caroline and her colleagues from the UK’s leading children’s charity, the NSPCC, to deliver their ‘Speak out, Stay Safe’ programme. This is a nationwide programme for primary-school-aged children to help to make sure pupils have the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from abuse.

With the help of ‘Buddy’ the friendly mascot, who is shaped like a speech bubble, Caroline talked to Prep and Pre-Prep about the type of worries a child might have. She represented these by putting bricks in a ‘sack of worries’. She then illustrated how these worries might be alleviated by speaking to a ‘trusted adult’. We reminded the children of all the trusted adults they could speak to in school as well as those who could help them at home. Chaplain also reminded the Prep children of the Lighthouse drop-in sessions that take place throughout the week with herself and Mrs Jennings.

The Prep assembly was followed by additional workshops for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. Thank you to everyone for supporting our non-school uniform day and contributing £1 to help the NSPCC in their work.

A reminder that Childline is open all day, every day and can be accessed online or by telephone 0800 1111.

Mrs Andrews and Mr Newman