The Pre Prep and Prep Eco Committees joined together to meet with Hannah Irvine, Sustainability Manager for Holroyd Howe. The children learnt how we are all responsible for the environment around us and need to support each other to protect it. They looked at some of the sustainability global goals and in particular food waste. The children were shocked to hear that the UK alone wastes 10 million tonnes of food waste each year which equates to the weight of 50,000 blue whales. Following on from today, the children will be spreading some important messages to their teachers, friends and families:

– take what you eat but eat what you take
– try small amounts of new food
– encourage others not to waste food
– try not to snack just before you eat
– tell staff/ parents what you would like to be served

Thank you to Hannah for also running a stall at lunchtime at which the children could learn more about recycling.

Mrs Sargeant