As part of their Humanities topic, children in Year 6 were provided with two informative workshops on Tuesday to help them gain further insight into life during World War One. During the first workshop, Women of War, a young woman named Edith took the children on a journey through the long wars of 1914-18. Children learnt about how women’s lives changed dramatically through the course of the war and experienced, first hand, some of the jobs that were undertaken by women at the time.

The children also learnt about two groups of women – Suffragettes and Suffragists – who campaigned for women’s rights during the First World War. As part of their second workshop, A Soldier’s Tale, a soldier explained his recruitment and training process for the Great War, including a rather quick “eye test” from a supposedly trained doctor! The children took part in various drills, giving them an insight into life as a soldier and heard a few letters that soldiers would have sent home, recounting their time in war.

The day was a fantastic opportunity to bring the children’s learning alive with a wide range of replica artefacts to support the delivery of the workshops.

Miss Stanford