Yesterday, the children in Year 4 were lucky enough to attend the exhibition ‘The Man Who Changed the World’, brought to us by members of Kings Norton Baptist Church. The exhibition focused on the history of His Story and began with an introduction to what life was like when Jesus was alive. We discovered that modern-day parkour was actually practised all those years ago and was known as roof-hopping! We were also told about the birth of Jesus, his teachings, his power, the opposition he faced, his death and resurrection. The last stand of the exhibition also told us the message that Christians spread in the world today: how to be friends with God, and a reminder to care for the poor and needy. The exhibition supported our current RE lessons and the ‘I am sayings’ that we have been learning about in Chapel with Mrs. Drake.

The children then completed a quiz about what they had seen and heard, before looking at the many artefacts that our visitors brought along. It was a very informative and enjoyable session.

Mrs James