Last week, schools across the nation celebrated British Science Week 2020.  The theme was ‘Our Diverse Planet’.

Year 1 and 2 were delighted to welcome the brilliant Dr Jenny Watson to Blue Coat.  Dr Watson led an extremely engaging and enjoyable activity into the science of creating bubbles.  We created our own bubble mixture, discussed the variety of shapes bubbles could be and, of course, the activity wouldn’t have been complete without plenty of bubble blowing too!  There were some terrific scientific suggestions throughout and we learnt a lot from the very entertaining session.  

A team of four pupils from Years 5 and 6: Lemuel Adjei, Priyamvada Agarwal, Lucie Evans and Connie Zhang, participated in the first ever online National Science Quiz.  This consisted of 40 challenging questions based on a variety of aspects of science. For example, the children had to identify a type of bird from a photo, distinguish between fission and fusion and identify the chemical formula for methane!  The children had 30 seconds to liaise amongst themselves and answer each question. 67 teams participated in the challenge and Blue Coat came an admirable ninth overall.

Lastly, the whole school was asked to bring in a picture representing ‘Our Diverse Planet’.  Mr Fogarty and Mrs Simmons have been overwhelmed by the quality of the work submitted. Over the coming weeks we intend to build a colourful whole school display reflecting the children’s many ingenious interpretations of ‘Our Diverse Planet’.

Mrs Simmons