Everything we do, and everything we experience just now, is clouded by the looming shadow of the virus. When, on Wednesday, Year 3MH enacted the bible story of Martha and Mary, they illustrated graphically that we all have strengths and weaknesses and that we should appreciate each other as individuals. Not only is this, generally, a very important concept; it is one which has a significant contemporary message.

In parallel with the dire warnings and the grave news that bombards us from the world over, we hear the more positive side. In these testing times, people are looking out for – and looking after – one another. Where there is enforced social isolation, social media is playing a key supportive role. Where the elderly may have felt abandoned, now they feel cared for. The story of Martha and Mary served to remind me that, as the politicians have been keen to tell us, “we are all in this together.” Never has this been truer than now, as we face the challenge of COVID-19.

And how appropriate is it, with Mother’s Day looming, that two women, Martha and Mary, are the central protagonists. I hope that all our children remember Mum – and all that she does –  this coming Sunday.

In recent times, with the raging Australian bushfires, with the plagues of locusts in Africa and with the flooding much nearer home, all these plagues set against a background of global warming, we certainly seem to have become a blighted planet. Will we recognise normality, I wonder, when it returns?

Certainly, due to the cancellation of events this has been an abnormally quiet week at BCS, but the children have been first rate, knuckling down to the business at hand, whether that was assessments or general class work.

The staff’s strong focus and work ethic has certainly ensured that all children are having a positive learning experience. In taking this opportunity to thank these members of staff, parents and children for supporting the school during uncertain times, I ask that you continue to follow the advice sent from the School. 

Meanwhile, in our newly refurbished library, I have enjoyed talking to Ms Stacey about her developments. It was great to hear her thoughts and vision for the place. Heads of School – Freya, Will, Maggie and Harry – told me that, with its relaxed but warm environment,  the library is a great place to read and ‘hang out’.

Incidentally, Freya has created a short video, it is designed to help young children understand the importance of hand washing. You can watch it here. 

Take care, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster