11 March 2020

U8B1/2 Football v Hallfield School (A)

A convincing win on both pitches

Players of the Match: Aaron Masih, Dan Tyler & Xander Hawley.

It was a delight to take our U8s to Hallfield. To see two months worth of game play understanding and true competency at the sport was a proud afternoon. They were relentless in winning the ball back, especially from a goal kick. They were also superb in passing to each other with a challenge of three touches to move the ball on. All 12 boys played on both pitches in lots of positions. A bright future for this bunch.

Mr Harrison


12 March 2020

U8A Netball v RGS The Grange (A)

BCS 3-2 RGS The Grange

Player of the Match: Sophie Longworth

The Year 3 girls were super excited for their first away match in Netball this term. With all the girls ready and prepared to take on the wind we started confidently and scored the first goal. With Mia and Sophie in attack we looked strong and Aaria was moving up and down the court to support them. In defence we had Anna Newman who was making spectacular interceptions and Tarini who was quick to pounce on the rebounds. RGS came back into the game in the second quarter and forced us into making silly errors. With Serena now at centre we looked strong with our short passes, as the wind was making the match unplayable. Our girls did not moan once and continued with their efforts and we went ahead with 30 seconds to go. This was a really great match played in very difficult conditions and I was so pleased to see the teamwork and spirit of the girls coming through at such a young age.

Mrs Bennett


16 March 2020

U10A House Netball Matches

St Monica’s A 7-4 St Margaret’s A

Players of the match: Khadija Kamran & Georgina Byrne

A very competitive game of netball! Both teams were so passionate to do their very best for their house. At times the game got a little bit scrappy as excitement bubbled and the girls tried to play at a million miles an hour! But when they held their shape and timed their runs they showed how much progress they had made and it was great to watch.

Miss Crews


16 March 2020

U10B House Netball Matches

St Monica’s 6- 5 St Margaret’s

Players of the Match: Yandy Chen Imogen Brinkman

A very competitive game of netball and the score was so close the whole way through. Lots of the play was end to end. The girls played with so much passion – it was great to watch such a competitive game. Well done to both teams!

Mrs Somerville


17 March 2020

U9A House Netball Matches

St Margaret’s 9- 3 St Monica’s

Players of the Match: Beatrice Salvi Anya Kapil

The year 4 girls played a very competitive game of netball. They showed again how many of them have skills in both attack and defence. However, St Margaret’s dominated towards the end and the final score was 9-3. Well done all.

Mrs Somerville


17 March 2020

U9B House Netball Matches

St Monica’s 6-5 St Margaret’s

Players of the Match: Elaine Nguyen & Aalisya Bhatti

The Year 4 girls have made so much progress this term. It was great to watch them driving into a space and passing the ball quickly down court. They are all now familiar with all the positions and adapt quickly to their new roles. The house match was very closely contested, with both teams eager to win for their house and it was so tight with both teams taking the lead at different points in the game. But in the end Monica’s just nipped in front to get a well deserved victory. Well done girls!

Miss Crews


17 March 2020

U9C House Netball Matches

St Monica’s 9 – 5 St Margaret’s

Players of the Match: Siyao Ou & Jaskiran Rai

Both teams were eager and competitive right from the start. Maya Laroiya scored a super goal to put St Margaret’s into the lead. The rest of the quarter was very much end to end Netball with St Monica’s scoring in the final minutes. The girls then adapted to their new roles and played some lovely flowing Netball, and really demonstrated how much progress they have made this term. By half time St Monica’s were in the lead by two goals 3-1 up, but St.Margaret’s came back in the next quarter, trailing by only two goals 6-4. With great team spirit and support from the sidelines St Monica’s increased their lead with the final result 9-5.

Mrs Potter


18 March 2020

U11A House Netball Matches

St Monica’s 13- St Margaret’s 5

Players of the Match: Gloriosa Sung Freya Mangotra

A lovely game of Netball, where the score didn’t reflect how tough the game was. Both teams had equal shooting opportunities but Saint Monica’s were able to score most times they got the ball into the circle. A very competitive game with lot of lovely movement. Well played girls!

Mrs Somerville


Friday 13th March 2020

ESSA Swimming Qualifying at Bromsgrove School

A team of 8 swimmers travelled to Bromsgrove to compete in the qualifying rounds of ESSA (English Schools Swimming Association) in the hope of being in the fastest 3 to represent the school, and West Midlands in the National Finals at Ponds Forge. We have a rich history in this event, as in previous years we have been crowned National Champions! Our teams swam strongly and recorded some fast swims. We now eagerly await the results from the other rounds to see whether we have qualified for the finals!

Mr Kelly