If getting to grips with Distance Learning was not enough, our intrepid Music Department and Chaplain have been working extremely hard behind the scenes on the creation of a Blue Coat School Lockdown Song.

Just as a beautiful and bright rainbow brings hope of things getting better after a storm, members of Chapel Choir have come together to spread a message of hope at a time when the news is filled with sadness and worry due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  

‘Looking To The Rainbow’ is an original song, recently penned by Blue Coat Chaplain, Becky Drake.  It was written to bring some joy and remind the school community that although we are separated at the moment, pupils, teachers and parents are still united as one school family. 

The song has already attracted the attention of the Church of England and has been showcased at the launch of its National Faith at Home campaign. Schools are being inspired to get on board and create their own version. All Saints Academy, just down the road from Blue Coat, has already recorded its own rendition of the song, and the Church of England hopes that other schools will also join in and spread the message of hope far and wide. 

The rainbow has become a symbol of hope and joy during this difficult time and we want the children to remember every time they see rainbows in windows, or paint their own rainbow, that there is hope of a new day coming! We hope many other schools will adopt the song as a reminder of this hope for their communities too.

The children were really keen to be part of this project and were excited to learn the lyrics and record themselves in their homes. At this unprecedented time of lockdown, it was lovely to be able to do something positive and get everyone singing.

“Looking To The Rainbow” was written by Becky Drake and the music and video editing arranged by Director of Music, Mr Nicklin. We think you will agree it is something that the BCS community can be extremely proud of and it is a lovely way to mark the amazing work of our Front line workers during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To speak to the songwriter, Becky Drake about the song, please call 07984 310297 or email

To download the backing track, and for information and instructions on how to create a similar project in your own school, visit www.worshipforeveryone.com