The start of Trinity term 2020 was not how anyone had envisaged back at the beginning of the academic year but thanks to the hard work of the staff over the Easter holidays and with the continued support of our Blue Coat families, BCS learning went online!

Pupils were delighted to see video messages from their teachers as they joined their Google Classrooms and were soon engrossed in the Trinity term timetable. With the addition of Year Group Assemblies, a Headmaster’s weekly assembly, a weekly Chapel Tube from Chaplain, Storytime with the Neesons and also P.E., we have replicated life at school as closely as we could. The addition of teachers’ avatars in the form of bitmojis has also proved rather entertaining. Mr Neeson himself was not going to miss out!

We will be looking at the parent feedback questionnaire in detail over the coming days and taking on board your comments. In the meantime, we are delighted to share a few comments and photographs below.

“George really enjoyed the work set today and yesterday for Maths. It kept him really engaged and he really enjoyed it giving him a sense of achievement when completed.”

“The lesson content is excellent. It is obvious that a great effort has been made by everyone involved to provide an excellent standard of teaching in this very difficult times.”

“Today we had the privilege of viewing your online google classroom teaching across the three year groups (Y6, Y5 & Y3). What a pleasure it was to see the girls engaged wholly! It truly deserves our praise and is very highly commendable. Furthermore, our girls have continued with their musical instruments offered via BCS, that too is running very smoothly.”

“We were incredibly nervous about the home schooling but we are very impressed with the content provided today.”

“Great lessons today! We all thought the lessons had got very good content, and you provided enough to learn and review at home for the kids. It is a busy and fantastic start for us after a few relaxing weeks.”

“So impressed with the work you have all put in. I know how long it takes and to put the scaffolding for these young children takes a lot of time. Amazing!”

“I think that the lessons are very enjoyable and it is great having your teacher there so you can ask them questions when you need help. It is also very nice knowing that you have your classmates with you as you haven’t seen them for a long time.”

“I like my school work. I like seeing Mr Fogarty on the videos, but I wish he would play his guitar for us!”

” The Maths was fun!” 

“I am enjoying home schooling but can’t wait to return to school”