Dear Parents

As the first week of the Trinity term draws to a close, I thought it appropriate to contact you on a number of whole school matters. Firstly, thank you very much for all your support during lockdown. We have received many lovely emails about our provision in School and at home.

Whilst offering thanks, it is appropriate to mention the staff. My colleagues have worked very hard throughout the Easter break to create innovative and stimulating distance learning programmes, whilst also volunteering to supervise and teach key worker children and managing their own families. Now that term has started, they are working unbelievably hard to manage their teaching commitments including marking, and I’m sure you will join me in thanking them for all their endeavours. Words will never truly sum up my debt of gratitude to them all.

One group I haven’t mentioned is the pupils. They have been truly outstanding in rising to the challenge of this new way of working, and have done so with resolve, kindness and compassion. This has been evident throughout the week from the Early Years’ children up to Year 6. It is at times like this when the resolve of our community becomes most apparent. I do hope that all the pupils are now getting into healthy routines, working hard and making the most of the current situation. We certainly miss seeing them in person each day.

One opportunity we do have to see some of the children is via an initiative by Chaplain who has written a Lockdown song. Together with Mr Nicklin they have enlisted the help of members of Chapel Choir to record themselves singing the song in their homes. This has now been edited together and I am delighted to share The Blue Coat School’s lockdown song “Looking To The Rainbow“. Please do feel free to share our social media posts – this is one thing that we don’t mind going viral! 

I spoke to you previously asking for teamwork and kindness, and I am very grateful for how you have gone about managing the impact of this dreadful pandemic. Let’s hope that the vaccine trials prove to be successful and that we can safely open our doors sooner rather than later.

Finally, please continue to share your positive moments and lifestyle changes by emailing Mrs Dredger on so that she may share these on our social media and website.

Take care and God bless.

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster