As mentioned in Mr Neeson’s Assembly this week Tia in 4LW has written a fantastic blog entitled “My life in lockdown!” Here it is:

My life in lockdown !
By a 9 year old.

I printed out a few more pages that I had researched and put together. It looked good and read good, about my project – ‘Heroes Evening’. I was pleased and looking forward to build my display. On my table, my friends were talking about ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Coronavirus’. I had seen the CBBC news earlier and I was aware of what was happening around the world. Next day when I went to school, it was announced ‘Lockdown’ from Friday onwards. It was real!

Today it has been 3 weeks in lockdown. My emotions had been a Roller-Coaster in these weeks. I was very confused in the first week of all changes that came too quick. Home-Schooling! In my mind School is School: studies, friends, fun, sports, laughter unlimited. Home was Home: Lots of TV, cartoon channels, music, horrible histories, boss baby, baking, fun with my little siblings, gardening and exciting games with mum and dad. Merging school and home did not go along with me! So, I took first few days as my holidays. It was only when I logged in my online classroom, I realised that all my friends were submitting their english and maths work. I had to hurry up and finish all pending work. Lesson learnt!
So, like ‘lockdown’, ‘home-school’ was real too !

Second week was a boulder. I started missing my friends, my school, my classes, more than ever. I followed – tailgated mummy from morning till evening whining about everything that I missed.I blabbered: ‘I miss my friends, home is so boring. I want to go to school’. I could see mum’s patience wearing off. She said, be creative. Find an alternative to what you miss. If you miss your friends, zoom call them – which I did! If you miss you teachers – have a good conversation with them when they call to check upon you. I was still tailgating mum which seemed much fun. I said, how do I find an alternative to my English, Maths, Science class. Mum was staring at me. She turned around and handed over ‘Harpick’ bleach toilet cleaner. She commanded, ‘ Here is your science class, go clean the loo and explore why bleach has anti-bacterial effect?’ Mum continued, ‘ I change, 4 soiled nappies and 6 soaked nappies of the baby in 24 hours. How many nappies do I change in a week, in a month and will do so in a year? Here it is your Maths class. Now as for English, do you visit your school kitchen 50 times a day? No! Find all synonyms of ‘NO’. Here this is your English class.’

My reaction – I wish someone could take my picture hearing what she said.

In one word- I was flabbergasted!

Mum’s a professor. So, never wind up a professor (teacher) – phew!

As I am writing this, it is almost end of third week in lockdown. As a family, we watch BBC breakfast news daily. It has started sinking in. There is massive devastation going on in the world. My happy world of Legoland, Safari park, Sealife centre, Cinemas, all has changed! Everything seems so distressing. All I hear is deaths and virus. I am scared. It is like a scary Hollywood movie. But when I raise my eyes from above tele, to look into my garden through the big glass window and french door. My garden trees still have birds tweeting, big squirrel running up and down the trunk of the tree, beautiful flowers laden trees are still standing gracefully, and the sunlight still shines through the leaves of the trees. But everything is still changed. This is pandemic. So, it is real !

What I learnt so far: my life is what I like and love the most. Mum and Dad, my little sister, brother, my friends, my cousins, my teachers, my school, my baking, my guitar, my hockey stick and cricket bat, my hoola-hoop. As long as these are with me, there is hope and happiness everywhere.
So, I wrote this and showed it to mum, she asked me to sum up my experience of lockdown in one sentence.
Here it is:

Schools are so much fun. Please open and let me in!!

Author: Tia Year: 4LW