Since the release of Chaplain’s “Looking To The Rainbow” lockdown song last week, performed by members of the The Blue Coat School Chapel Choir, the video has now been shared and watched by in excess of 20,000 people worldwide!

We have featured on social media and in the Press and on Monday we even made it on to ITV Central Lunchtime and Evening News! They interviewed Mrs Drake and also Rishul who summed it up nicely in quoting some of the lyrics:  “Though we are in lockdown, we won’t be knocked down!”. 

The Church of England are using the song to promote their “Faith at Home” campaign and hope to get 1,000 schools signed up to record their own versions in time for National Thank a Teacher Day on 20 May. We know that already around 100 schools are busy creating their own versions. We have also had interest from schools in San Francisco and Florida!

Interested schools can download a resource pack put together by Mr Nicklin and Chaplain from: