Our wonderful School Leaders have put together their very own Lockdown Challenge! We are all missing the Houses very much but we hope this will give you a chance to keep up the House spirit and remind you of all the happy times in the House. We look forward to receiving your entries!

Our School leaders are really missing you all. Here they share some of their Lockdown thoughts –

What is something positive you have achieved during lockdown?

Will: I have learnt to do a front flip on the trampoline!
Freya: Lockdown gave me a lot of time that I used to write my daily diary about ‘my experience of living in lockdown’. My diary has different poems and short stories that I hope to share with everyone.
Maggie: I have been doing lots of drawings, dancing and gymnastics.
Hari: During the lockdown I have managed to do a flick on the trampoline.

What you are looking forward to the most once lockdown is over?

Will: Meeting my friends and my grandparents. 
Freya: I am really looking forward to going back to school, wearing my summer uniform once again and meeting everyone; all my teachers and friends. I also look forward to seeing the catering staff and the estates team who always appear in the grounds!
Maggie: When lockdown is over I am looking forward to coming back to school. I am really missing my friends and all of the teachers so I am looking forward to that.
Hari: When lockdown rules allow I am looking forward to taking part in contact sports and being able to go to gymnastics. It would also be great to see my friends and share a McDonalds with them!

What you may have taken for granted that you could do before lockdown but now you don’t have it/can’t do it and you miss and value now?

Will: Family and friends.
Freya: I feel that I didn’t thank my teachers enough for the constant support that they gave me. Simple things such as putting my hand up is something I really have missed. I was also hoping to meet Mrs Redfern because of how much support she has given me – maybe during our last days in school…
Maggie:I have really missed going out to restaurants and seeing all of my friends and teachers.
Hari: I never thought I would miss swim squad at 7.15am on a Tuesday morning but I do.  Especially on a hot day I think of being able to dive into a cool swimming pool.

What do you miss most about school?

Will: The sport and my mates.
Freya: I really miss my friends and teachers! I have only realised now how lovely my friends are – always there for me when I need.There is always something to feel good about at the end of the day with them around. I also miss our colourful library, and the reception office where I used to wait, prior to going into Mr Neeson’s office and gobble up the cookies with hot chocolate!
Maggie: I miss seeing all of the teachers and all of my friends, and doing activities that we can’t do at home.
Hari: I really miss not seeing my friends at school and taking part in all the various activities throughout the school day. I miss not being able to hangout with the St Philip’s House family.

Is there anything that you would particularly like to do if you are able to come back to school before the summer?

Will: I would like to do sports day and the end of year house party/disco if we could do a socially distance version.
Freya: I think it would be a good idea if we could make some COVID-19 scrap books about our time in the COVID 19 crisis. I also believe that we get some time to spend with Year 5 because they would be worried for their high school exams and now the lockdown must have added more worries. If we could help them in some way that would be great, like maybe some one to one meetings. It would also be great if we could do as many things as possible that are similar to what we would have done anyway in the last week.
Maggie: I would really like to have time where we can catch up with our friends.
Hari: In the last few weeks of year 6 it would be fantastic to be able to play some sport and maybe have a picnic/treasure hunt on the school grounds or even in forest school.  Hopefully we will be able to take away lots of happy memories.