Doubtless, like me, you have heard TV interviewees from all walks of life saying, “I’ve never known anything like it”. COVID-19 looks certain to leave an indelible mark on the history of the 21st century.

This slow, bewildering torment afflicts society indiscriminately. It tests scientists, makes monkeys of many a politician and threatens to change the way we live. (More, incidentally – later in this Update – on plans for our own immediate BCS future.)

As historians well know, change often takes years. But I was reminded this week that it can take just one graphic moment or sensational event to burn into our political system and onto our collective mind a popular movement or some aspect of social change. Such was the case when Emily Davison threw herself in front of a horse in the 1913 Derby.

That horrific moment, captured forever on shaky black and white film, ensured that the revolutionary work of Emily Pankhurst and her associates would never be forgotten. In another distance-learning week, the work of Year 6, on the Suffragettes, has been admirably strong. It brought back memories of my younger days studying this topic. Well done, all! I look forward to dropping into some lessons next week to see how things are progressing. 

Year Group assemblies continue to demonstrate the amazing industry going on at home and in school. Thank you to all the children and parents for their continued endeavours with the online learning.

This week, I have particularly enjoyed observing the creativity of the Pre-Prep, Year 2 have done some great work on their Dioramas; we certainly have a talented bunch down the school!

You will in all likelihood have heard Boris Johnson announcing the easing of some lockdown restrictions. The School’s SLT have been working tirelessly, and plans are well underway for the management of Government guidelines to bring about a safe return to school for the specified year groups. After a number of telephone conversations with the Department of Education, I have been told categorically that we will follow government regulations on this matter and that there is no movement whatsoever on bringing back other classes at this time.

Next week, I will be writing to set out clearly how learning will look in each year group after half term. Please be assured that our strategy and protocol will adhere strictly with Government guidelines; that all decisions will have at their core the safety of our children, staff and parents. When it arrives, please read this document carefully. It will be an essential guide to a successful next phase of learning.

And so we create our own ‘new normal’. And I must congratulate the heads of school on the pride that they are taking in their House challenge events.  Children, please get behind the challenges and play an active role in representing your House in at least one event.

Thank you for all the amazing photographs taken during VE Day celebrations. It was clear that a good time was had by all. As the song goes; “We may be locked down but we won’t be knocked down!” 

Again I must congratulate Mrs Drake, Mr Nicklin and the Chapel Choir, whose song, ‘Looking To The Rainbow’ broke the 100,000 view barrier.What a phenomenal achievement.

On that positive note I will sign off for another week. Thank you for working as part of Team BCS. We are much stronger as one and our resolve is shining through. 

Have a great weekend!

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster