Buttons, Transition and Reception have thoroughly embraced their topic work this week. Our World: Out of this World saw the children go on a journey into outer space just like Baby Bear from Jill Murphy’s Whatever Next. Sebby had fun getting into character and boarded his own cardboard box ready to take off! Meanwhile lots of super junk rockets were made and wonderful astronaut costumes and pictures were created.

Linked to their Humanities topic, Year 1 have been drawing their favourite toy in their art lesson and trying to copy their toy exactly. As you can see below, they did very well!
Year 2 had a go at designing a new stained glass window for Cathedral of St Philips in Birmingham. Katherine also managed to (virtually) visit all of the buildings in Birmingham that she has been learning about in her Humanities lessons!

Lots of fantastic measuring work has been taking place including the length of different objects around the house as well as the capacity of different containers. Year 2 also created their own marvellous medicine just like George in Roald Dahl’s book and enjoyed a symmetry lesson which ended with making symmetrical lego structures

Year 3 enjoyed a ‘Bella Italia’ project in their Humanities studies this week. They located Italy on a world map, identified the capital cities and some of the physical features of the country such as mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, coastlines, bays and the surrounding seas. Their challenge was then to create a 3D physical map of Italy using items they could find around their homes. Amongst the ingenious ideas we had maps created from pizza, grass cuttings and even items of clothing!

In Maths the children have been studying 3D shapes, examining their faces, edges and vertices as well as looking at nets of shapes. The children created some fantastic prisms and built shapes from nets. There was some really inventive hands-on work too with children finding examples of all sorts of shapes from their homes.

Children in Year 4 have been focusing on Symmetry and Angles in Maths this week, and have been searching their homes looking for examples of acute, obtuse and right angles. In English, they have continued with a train theme and have looked at non-fiction texts about the history and development of train travel. The children have then written some informative newspaper reports on the subject of George Stephenson’s Rocket, HS2 and the Orient Express. Humanities this week has a Mexican feel, as we are finding similarities and differences between Mexico and the UK and using pictorial sources to explore geographical features.

Year 5 have been keeping spirits up and remaining positive! They thoroughly enjoyed their recent Art and DT projects, and there has been some lovely feedback from Mr Clements and Mrs Lynn about their paper butterflies. The children have been writing poems, drawing, solving Rubix cubes and working extremely hard during all their lessons. Well done to Poppy for reading over 30 books during lockdown, well done to Oliver for his entertaining poem about brothers, and well done to Zuva and Karman for sewing over 20 NHS laundry bags. Year 5 missed Mr Hulbert’s chinchillas this week but hope they will be back soon!

Year 6 have been looking at the movement of the Suffragettes and how WWI may have positively highlighted their capabilities. In one lesson, Year 6 had to imagine it is 1918, with the end of the First World War looking imminent; they were asked to write a letter to convince the Prime Minister that women should get the vote.

Before lockdown, Mrs Happ had assigned Year 3s a challenge to compose a rap about themselves which would later be made into a masterpiece on GarageBand in Trinity Term. Even though we now have a completely different plan in music due to the children not all having Macs at home, Taran in Year 3 has been so enthusiastic about perfecting his rap and sent in a fantastic piece.

Outside of school work, Macca in Year 6 featured on TV as he gave thanks to the frontline workers on International Nurses Day. His message was broadcast back in his home country of the Philippines on their main channel, TV Patrol, as they celebrated the 18,500 Filipino nurses and health workers in the UK, and honoured the 18 Filipino frontliners in the UK who have died from Covid-19.

Meanwhile siblings Hari and Sofia made an interesting discovery whilst spring cleaning their attic. They uncovered an old record made in 1972 to mark the 250th anniversary of the founding of The Blue Coat School and recorded by the Chapel Choir of the time. This was shared on our Old Scholars’ Facebook group and many former pupils recalled the making of the record.