Thank you for sharing your golden table celebrations. Among them Jackson was ‘super pleased’ to get a Golden letter from Mr Neeson and waited until Sunday as his favourite dinner is his Dad’s Sunday Pork Roast. He said his teachers need to sit at the Golden Table with Mr Neeson for working hard to keep him learning even though we are not at school!

Khaleel celebrated his tenth birthday with a garden picnic and also to mark Eid and the Bank Holiday. James in Year 1 has cheerfully tried hard in his work and he has been very helpful helping to make lunch and tidying up. Sibling Daniel in Year 3, says that he has persevered when he’s found his work hard and he has been helpful in playing with his little sister. Noah and Reuben enjoyed having our very own Golden table with special guest Mr Neeson for an Indian take away treat! They thought he would appreciate a good curry!

Lucie and family reflected on an extraordinary few weeks. Lucie has definitely remained cheerful and tried hard with her online learning, keeping in touch with friends she misses and learning lots of new baking skills in lockdown but she has also been a very thoughtful and patient big sister to her little brother, Gabriel, making up lots of games for him to play, crafting and reading him stories. He is looking forward to joining her at BCS in September (hopefully!!)

Ethan enjoyed being head of his Golden table and his family went all out with golden decorations so that Ethan felt like he was the King of the table. At the table he said he has been following the Blue Coat values by being kind and sharing his toys with his younger brother Reuben. He has been listening to his parents and showing respect, cheerfully persevering by embracing home school life. He misses school, his teachers and his friends, but understands the need to be home right now.

For an extra bit of fun Theo and Henry decided to hold their golden table celebration in a tent in the garden. The bank holiday weekend would have been The Friends Activity weekend so it was a good excuse to ‘go camping’. The boys have definitely been cheerfully trying hard and they have been very patient whilst their parents have been working hard as critical workers in the NHS.

Nanda would like to thank Mr Neeson for choosing her to go on the golden table with him. She felt very proud about it but a bit upset that she couldn’t have lunch with him personally.
Mr Neeson’s golden letter cheered Adam up and he decided to display his letter at his family’s Eid lunch table so they could all enjoy and share in the festivities together.

These are just some of our golden table reflections. Congratulations to all our children who have consistently followed the BCS values.