Amidst a miasma – if not a mire – of Governmental regulations, BCS this week welcomed back children in Transition, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. Returning children have loved being back at school, renewing friendships – even at a distance.

They have, in a sense, joined those two US astronauts, Hurley and Behnken, orbiting the school after a frustrating delay – and with lots of space around them.

Understandably, like the children and yourselves, we felt a tad tentative about how things would pan out. We have done everything in our power to create a ‘new normal’, and are happy with progress thus far.

Naturally, the SLT convene on a daily basis to assess and review our special COVID arrangements. I must say a big thank you to all my staff, not least to our Estates Team, who have readied the school for the increased pupil numbers. 

Scores of pupils continue to learn and exercise the self-discipline that is required for working at home. Because social interaction and the exchange of ideas is a significant part of the learning process, Distance Learning will never fully replace the traditional version, but I wholeheartedly commend the staff for the dedication of their improvised, attractive lesson planning. Teachers continue to work long hours to ensure that the ‘home’ work is done to a high standard and that they provide the most supportive feedback possible.

I do hope that in the near future we can welcome back children of all year groups, but we are bound to follow government directives. Sadly, there is NO autonomy on this matter. Be assured: when the announcements do come, BCS will be ready.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank the parents and children who sent in the pictures of their Golden Table at home. It was lovely to see so many families embracing the challenge.

This week, in my whole school assembly, I talked on the subject of Perseverance. As we will not have sports day, productions and the like this term, the focus will be on academic study until the last day of term. The children must pace themselves, continue to stick to solid routines, and ensure that they get healthily through to the summer holidays. 

Thank you to all of you for working with the School. This pandemic has shaken society to the core, but, if we stick together, share our worries, and focus, we will get through this period. 

As my late, wise father-in-law regularly said (though not – at least within my hearing – on the eve of his daughter’s wedding)  ” Nothing lasts forever – good or bad!”

God bless.

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster