“Though we’re in lockdown we won’t be knocked down.”

So rang out the lyrics of the song ‘Looking to the Rainbow’, written by Chaplain, Becky Drake and recorded by members of the Class of 2020. This year will certainly be a memorable one for our Year 6 Leavers in more ways than one.

Back in September, the Class of 2020 were knuckling down to the task in hand, namely the 11+ entrance tests and selective examinations for independent senior schools. Fast forward 6 months and the children found themselves in their bedrooms or sitting at the dining table bent over laptops, headphones on, listening to their teachers remotely via Google Meet. Virtual learning was the new normal as the country went into lockdown.

Whilst the government debated how to get the children back to school, the teachers were anxious that this cohort would not leave Blue Coat under a cloud. Whilst one or two were attending as children of critical workers, it was not until 1 June that the majority of Year 6 passed through the gates once more and into the familiar enclave of BCS. Sadly, not as free as it once was, but liberating all the same to be reunited with classmates and teachers. Though safely within their bubbles of 15, the children could be children once more and run around on the playing fields to let off steam. 

Behind the scenes the customary trappings of graduation continued – year books were compiled and leavers’ hoodies ordered; transfer reports were exchanged with senior schools’ liaison teams and the preparation for the next academic year was underway.

Our 2020 Leavers have experienced an unprecedented end to their primary school days and not one that anyone would have wished upon them. We are proud to say that they have tackled these with resilience and the mental strength that has epitomised their BCS Values, to ‘Cheerfully Persevere’. The ‘growing-up’ that is usually done during those first few weeks of senior school was prematurely accelerated as the children adapted to life in lockdown and exercised self-discipline and motivation in following lessons online. 

Not to dwell on the uncontrollable, what could be prepared for was the rigour of the 11+ season. No less than in previous years, the current cohort of Year 6 were prepped and ready to do their best. Now, as is customary, as they prepare to graduate we look back at this extraordinary year and celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2020. 

Unhindered by COVID-19, the 78 children that make up the Class of 2020 can deservedly celebrate an incredible set of offers. In total, 176 offers were received from independent senior and grammar schools, including 45 grammar places. 35 Scholars were awarded 47 scholarships and awards recognising their exceptional academic ability, as well as talent for music and sport. 

Congratulations Year 6, you have excelled in the face of adversity – you have most certainly not been knocked down!

Mrs Dredger


School Name No. of Pupils Scholarships & Awards
Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School 4 N/A
Bromsgrove School 7 1 Academic
Edgbaston High School for Girls 25 17 Academic, 1 Music, 1 Instrumental Award
King Edward VI Aston Grammar School 1 N/A
King Edward VI Camp Hill Grammar School for Boys 7 N/A
King Edward VI Camp Hill Grammar School for Girls 6 N/A
King Edward VI Five Ways Grammar School 7 N/A
King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys 5 N/A
King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Girls 7 N/A
King Edward VI High School for Girls 19 2 Academic, 1 Maths, 1 Maths & Music, 1 English
King Edward’s School 34 4 Academic, 1 Academic & Music
King’s High School 1 1 Academic & Music
Old Swinford Hospital 5 N/A
Priory School 8 6 Academic, 1 Music, 3 Sport
Queen Mary’s Grammar School for Boys 4 N/A
Queen Mary’s Grammar School for Girls 3 N/A
Solihull School 24 4 Academic
St. George’s School 3 1 Academic
Warwick School 2 1 Academic & Music
Wolverhampton Girls’ High Grammar School 1 N/A
Overseas 1 N/A
Other 2 N/A