Buttons children have been talking about Healthy Eating this week. They enjoyed doing some potato printing, cutting out different fruits and vegetables and making vegetable characters. They also learnt about all the things that plants and flowers need to grow.


The Transition classes took it in turns to complete a scavenger hunt around the school grounds this week. They had to track down several natural items and tick them off on their lists. The children had to search for a feather, unearth three stones, spot a spider web and find something that smells nice. They then had to locate different ‘treasures’, such as something shiny, something tiny and something smooth. The children had great fun playing detectives, exploring forest school and being surrounded by nature. Well done everyone!


Reception have been working very hard this week. They have been exploring google maps, locating their homes and the route they take to get to The Blue Coat School. The children then used this information to create their own maps documenting the different things that they pass on their journey into school. Reception have also been looking at different occupations and jobs that people have, and discussed some of the jobs they might like to do when they grow up, writing sentences about why they would enjoy the job and drawing pictures of themselves in these job roles. 

Year 1

Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed working on a book called ‘The Bog Baby’ during English this week. After completing character descriptions, they made their own woodland creatures in preparation for their story writing. In Science, the children drew and labelled a cut through diagram, including pictures of the sea creatures that they might find in a rockpool. The highlight of the week was making the sandwiches which they designed last week!

Year 2

Year 2 has been very busy this week as they have continued to think about Forces. They investigated the effect of surfaces on the movement of a toy car in Science. It was great practical learning. They’ve also had some pulley fun by making their own mechanism to pull up a heavy load. They are really enjoying using the story of The Lighthouse keeper’s Catastrophe to inspire their English work. 

Year 3

This week has seen Year 3 continue with their treasure theme in English. The children have been examining instruction texts and their features, producing some fantastic treasure maps too. Later in the week there was an opportunity to write instructions on “How to be a Pirate,” which led to some wonderfully creative instructions, complete with the all important imperative verbs. In maths data handling has been the focus with children looking at many types of graphs such as pictograms, bar graphs and line graphs. Children also had the opportunity to produce their own bar graphs by hand or on the computer. Humanities looked at the pros and cons of living near a volcano. Some colourful and informative posters were created representing both sides of this topic. Finally, in science pollination and the many ways this occurs in nature was the focus, with children producing some very informative slideshows.

Year 4

There has been a watery theme in Year 4 this week in English. The children have looked at an extract from Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies which was written in 1862, and has been described as ‘a fairy tale for a land baby.’ The children’s writing has been anything but wishy-washy, as they have produced some fabulous diary entries, in role as Tom, writing about his underwater adventures! Maths has been rather moving this week as we have been focusing on translations! This is a tricky topic and has required a lot of care and attention – well done, Year 4! The children have also continued with the Aztecs in Humanities and particularly Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital. They found out why they built the city where they did and how it was built, along with researching its main features. The lesson finished with thinking about how an Aztec city compared with a Tudor town. We have now challenged the children to design and build their own Aztec temple, and look forward to seeing their creations!

Year 5

In Science this week week, Year 5 learned why and how scientists classify living things.  They were tasked with producing an aide-memoire relating to classification.  This week the children studied how to interpret a classification key.  Then they constructed their own key identifying 6 species of cat.  Some chose to go even further and produced keys on topics of their own choice, including one identifying tropical fruits.

Year 6

In Mathematics, Year 6 have been exploring the fantastically fascinating Fibonacci sequence.  They have also extended this learning to look at the equally intriguing Golden Ratio that makes the mundane appear far more appealing to the human eye – how far and wide it exists without ever really knowing that’s what it is.

Golden Table

The children also continued to create their own golden tables at home and proudly displayed their golden letter from Mr Neeson. Well done, everyone and we hope you enjoyed your special meals!