The Sorting Master made a very different, but equally exciting, appearance today! We were very sorry not to welcome our current Year 2 pupils alongside all new Prep pupils from other schools to this annual event at BCS today, but a fantastic virtual event for the children took place instead. Several school staff had been beavering away to ensure this special event in the BCS calendar could still take place, and this afternoon the children took it in turns to have their place in the virtual sorting spotlight. Would it be St George’s, St Philip’s, St Monica’s or St Margaret’s? The pupils were welcomed into their houses by the Grand Sorting Master and are already getting excited about the House adventures that are in store for them!  We are also delighted that although Mrs Lynn is retiring at the end of this term she will be staying on as House Head of St Margaret’s for the Michaelmas Term.

Thank you very much to all involved in the 2020 Sorting Adventure! The Houses are looking forward to welcoming you all here in September!