IAPS have released the results from the qualifying swimming gala’s and we are proud to inform you that we had 9 swimmers who would have qualified for the National Swimming Finals at the London Aquatic Centre!

Samuel Tan, Harry Forty, Sebastian Stendall, Vivek Ratti, Vinay Ratti, Hari Phillips, Milo Dowling, Freddie Trevis and Filippos Psychogios were the 9 swimmers who qualified, with the latter 4 finishing an incredible third in the country for the U11 Medley Relay!

A full list of the results are below and it would have been the top 20 in each event going to the National Final.


U10 Medley Relay 18th QF

U11 Medley Relay 3rd QF

U10 Freestyle Relay 22nd QF

U11 Freestyle Relay 9th QF

U10 Backstroke Harry Forty 9th QF

U10 Breaststroke Vivek Ratti 33rd

U10 Butterfly Sam Tan 10th QF

U10 Freestyle Seb Stendall 119th

U11 Backstroke Filippos Psychogios 27th

U11 Breaststroke Freddie Trevis 10th QF

U11 Butterfly Hari Phillips 43rd

U11 Freestyle Milo Dowling 20th QF


U10 Medley Relay 53rd

U11 Medley Relay 109th

U10 Freestyle Relay 61st

U11 Freestyle Relay 123rd

U10 Backstroke Lucia Maio 125th

U10 Breaststroke Lara Wilcox 26th

U10 Butterfly Lucie Evans 80th

U10 Freestyle Poppy Griffin 121st

U11 Backstroke Indira Singh 145th

U11 Breaststroke Gloriosa Sung 64th

U11 Butterfly Sofia Phillips 110th

Well done to the 17 swimmers who took part in the qualifying gala here at Blue Coat, and the 9 swimmers who would’ve qualified for the National Swimming Finals!

Mr Kelly