We will be sad to say goodbye to several children who are leaving BCS at the end of this term. As part of her English lesson looking at clause structures and persuasive writing, Claire in Year 5 has written the following about her time at BCS.

The Blue Coat School is an amazing school and everyone who goes there is very lucky and privileged. I joined in Year Three, which was never easy as everyone had made their own friends, but everyone was so helpful! I slowly found out that I was meant for BCS: the sports, the music, the work. I love it all! I met my friends, who helped me so much and I can’t imagine this school without them. They truly are so special. I would also like to thank the teachers, whose hearts are set to Blue Coat. I have never known how they do it. I can tell they really enjoy their jobs because every day they work tirelessly to make this school a proper great school!

Claire, Year 5