What a delight it was to welcome Years 2, 3 and 4 back to the fold this week. Mr Neeson greeted everyone as they drove through the BCS gates again and the BCS traffic sign flashed its welcome back message. The children got a glimpse of the new pod areas on the field where the bubbles would play and SLT were on hand to signpost the children to their new bases, across the whole of the site. We have been fortunate enough to have the space to accommodate an impressive 40 bubbles safely and socially distanced, plus having the staff to oversee these consistent small groups of 15. And so everyone began to adjust to the new normal at Blue Coat.

It has been a week of glorious sunshine and Year 6 made use of their French caps to shade themselves from the sun. A memento of a trip that was sadly not to be, but something for the memory box. Reception sought shade in Forest School and had lots of fun climbing trees before settling down to listen to a rather apt storytime featuring The Gruffalo. Buttons and Pre-Prep have been following their topic ‘People who help us’. The children enjoyed learning about the many different jobs that people do and how they impact on our lives. Year 1 revisited Florence Nightingale in their Humanities lesson and thought about the positive influence that she had on the nursing profession. This came full circle to thinking about the NHS Heroes of the present time as they designed badges to celebrate and thank Key Workers.

Transition have been enjoying the sunshine and cooling off with a little water play. Some of them even got wet! As part of their transport topic, the children had fun imagining where they would go in their ‘cars’ and they made ‘boats’ from sticks, straws or lollipop sticks which they then had fun testing to see whether the boats would sink or float. The children also enjoyed listening to stories from inside tents and experiencing the concept of practical addition using groups of toy vehicles.

Years 2, 3 and 4 have enjoyed a BCS Reciting Poetry from Heart Week, while Year 5 have studied the work of Yayoi Kusama and linked the story of ‘Rain before Rainbows’ with being back in school. They looked at how although things might be different, and unusual, that our friends and teachers are there to help and support us, and that it’s almost like a new beginning full of new opportunities. Year 6 had the opportunity to share 10 weeks worth of hard work and effort towards their Titanic projects. The presentations were extremely impressive and we could see how much time had gone into their work.

To round the week off in true BCS style we were joined by Mario brothers in their BCS ice cream cart as they delivered ice creams to the bubbles as a fantastic end of week treat. Luke and the catering team have been amazing and made 2,500 packed lunches this week, thank you!