The penultimate week of term saw everyone well settled into their new bubbles and life at BCS progressing well. Behind the scenes there were busy preparations for Year 6’s final week and the creation of Thanksgiving and Final Assemblies. We are very lucky to have such expertise in-house with Mr Nicklin and Mr Hill’s technical skills fully employed outside of their teaching hours. We think you’ll agree that Mr Neeson, Mr Newman et al have also embraced the role of video presenter with increasing prowess!

Buttons have enjoyed their topic this week ‘Kipper the dog at the seaside’. They made some super seaside collages as well as a pair of binoculars. They then went out to spot different things around the house or around the school field if they were attending the key worker provision.

Transition have been thinking about their summer holidays. They had fun pretending to go to ‘the seaside’ to play with the beach ball, ‘swim’ in the sea and dress up in swimwear and goggles. After creating some fantastic underwater collages, the children sang the classic ‘Baby Shark’! 

Transition have also enjoyed learning about the letter ‘z’ and making a tally chart of different vehicles passing by the school. TH sang and danced to an ice cream number song, they counted the number of ice cream scoops and completed a class tally chart of their favourite flavours. Strawberry and chocolate were the most popular flavours and had the most votes. The children created lovely ice creams using tissue paper and used their imagination to come up with lots of delicious flavour combinations. It was great fun! 

In Reception the children have been looking at people who help us (builders especially) in our numeracy lesson. They used 3D shapes to create their own buildings.

Year 1 really enjoyed working on their summer compositions. They thought carefully about the different colours that you might see in the sky during the summer months and then painted their backgrounds. After that they added mini-beasts, animals, trees and flowers to create their masterpieces!

Year 2 have been writing a fantasy set story. After re reading the story of The Selkie Child, based on the Scottish mythos of the selkies, they used their senses to describe the aquatic setting and used their imagination to write about what might have happened following the child’s return to her underwater kingdom. 

In Creative Arts, they looked closely at the Shamrock, an emblem of Northern Ireland. They explored lots of different hues of green and composed striking Shamrock patterns which they turned into their Shamrock compositions. Sadly there weren’t any rainbows this week, so we couldn’t go hunting for leprechauns and their pots of gold!!

In Year 3 the children have been looking at fractions in maths, converting between mixed number and improper fractions as well as finding fractions of quantities. English has focused on the text The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. The children have rewritten the tale from the characters’ point of view using a range of figurative language. 

PSHE focused on resilience and how to overcome challenges, with the children producing some creative posters to demonstrate their learning. In STEM the children got to build more paper folding models and created some wonderful sea creatures this week. Artist Yayoi Kasuma was the focus of art lessons this week with the children producing some wonderful ‘dotty’ creations.

Year 4 looked at a recount text written by a lady who, as a young child, had an extraordinary encounter with a ‘real’ iron man who could walk, sit and obey commands. This happened in the 1930s, long before robots and computers were ever thought of. In their bubbles, they discussed whether they thought that the robot was in fact real, and the children thought of interesting reasons as to why or why not she had seen a ‘real’ robot. Staying with commands and imperative verbs, the children then wrote instruction texts for programming a whole range of clever robots, including robots that can do homework for you, robots that do the chores, robots that cook and star footballing robots! 

STEM this week saw the children constructing their own Aztec calendar which was made up of two calendars – a farming calendar which had 360 days and five extra days, and a sacred calendar made up of thirteen months each with 20 days. Today’s date (Friday 3rd July) would be 12-Monkey in the Aztec calendar!

Year 5 have been continuing to work hard in preparation for their assessments next year. The children have written narratives based around a written stimulus and looked at fractions, decimals and percentages and angles in Maths. The children have also enjoyed taking part in a STEM activity focusing on the forces to do with flight. The children also linked our recent art study on Yayoi Kasuma to our Humanities work, and created some limited edition Cadbury’s chocolate bar wrappers in the style of her artwork. 

Year 6 children have been reflecting on their time at Blue Coat this week, exploring the highs and lows of their experiences in primary education. To show their admiration for all things Blue Coat (from Sports to Houses, Maths to Art, teachers to the building itself), the children have been writing odes of thanks to the school (see photos).

Finally, Friday would not be complete without an end of week treat. Last week it was the Super Mario Brothers and this week it was Scooby and Shaggy! Thanks as always to our fantastic Catering Manager Luke Moss for masterminding this surprise.  Break times will never be the same again!