We are excited to celebrate Junior Language Challenge Success again this year.  The Blue Coat has a history of success with this competition, and 2020 is no exception.  This national competition saw 2321 entrants competing in two different language rounds.  Bronze awards went to the top 208 competitors, of which 8 were from The Blue Coat.  Congratulations to Emily De Bono, Dhruv Karkanis, Rohan Sharu, Ria Upadhyay, Adam Bashir, Shreya Raja, James Longworth and Caterina Gore.  

Henry in Year 6 won a silver award, one of only 20 in the competition, for gaining full marks in Round Two.  Well done Henry for all of your hard work!

We are also delighted that Priyam in Year 6 is one of just thirteen primary aged children nationwide to have won a gold certificate for gaining full marks in both language rounds.  This is a fantastic achievement and is a testament to her hard work and dedication.  

All the children showed real commitment and perseverance, and should be immensely proud of their achievements.  Sadly, given the current situation, the organisers have decided that there will be no Regional Finals this year.  Nonetheless, I hope that this has given them the language learning bug and that they carry on building on their success in the future!

Well done everyone!

Mrs Newman