It was an unfortunate by-product of our Covid ridden world that we had to cancel our LAMDA exams this year. One of many disappointing events that we have all had to endure. The children had been working so very hard towards their exams. I had seen such progress in the children this last year. One of the great joys of my job is watching a child learn and master new skills that help them develop confidence as a young person.

Moving forward, the children will jump ahead to the next grade when such time allows. A personal note to Year 6 – I have taught most of you since Year 2 and it has been a delight and a pleasure to see you grow into fabulous human beings. Every Year 6 child taking LAMDA has produced work that I have enjoyed this year. Under the current circumstances, I won’t be able to see you to say goodbye as you leave the Blue Coat shores for your next big adventure in seniors. So, Bon Voyage. Go and have fantastic fun in your new schools. Embrace your new challenges and do them to the very best of your ability. You are all going to shine brightly. Thank you for being wonderful.

To the grown-ups. I hope that you are all safe and well. I will be in touch with regards to classes as soon as I know.

To the children. I miss you guys and I hope to see you very soon. I have written you a poem (in the style of a panto poem) Feel free to read it out loud (make sure you do your d’s and t’s, please…..) Enjoy xx

Warmest of wishes and lots of love,
Mrs Foley

A Lockdown poem
By Mrs Foley aged 47 and a bit.
AKA Dave
AKA Old Man Jenkins
(Seriously, how many nicknames can one teacher have???)
Well, well, my lovely little ones,
This really is quite strange.
Who would have thought
That we would see such
An enormous change!

Stay at home, save lives, keep safe,
Into lockdown we went.
Lots of changes, thick and fast
As home we were all sent.
Now, Mrs Foley, known as Dave
To some, but not to all,
Found herself without a job:
And this did make her bawl
And cry and sob, oh woe is me
I simply will not cope!
What will I do while I’m at home?
I need to find some hope.
So, I’ve home-schooled my kids
I’ve also tidied up my house
I’ve cleaned, I’ve washed
I’ve even had to deal with a dead mouse
(actually it was a baby rat, but that didn’t rhyme. But still. EUUUUGGGHHHHHHH!!!….)
I’m doing yoga every day,
I’ve really got quite bendy.
(I’ve not been doing Tik Toc
Cuz I’m really not that trendy.)
I’m singing lots, and lots and lots
And posting songs on Facebook.
I sang a song with a great band
5000 people looked!
I miss you all, your lovely faces,
Very, very much.
I hope to see you soon
When we can all be back in touch.
Until that time, I want you all
To stay safe, strong and cool.
And I can’t wait to be back with you
At lovely Blue Coat school.