Last week we introduced our new staff at BCS and this week we caught up with some of our Prep pupils, both new and returning children. It has been wonderful to see the children settling back into school and we were pleased to hear that the new normal can be just as much fun!

We asked the children:

What do you like most about being back at school?

What do you think about the year group bubbles?

What has been your best moment in school so far this term?

If you had to describe BCS to someone not here, what would you say?

Trystan – Year 3

I’ve enjoyed being back and meeting all my friends again. Although I saw a few friends over the summer at the park or online, seeing everyone in person at school has been great. Lunches have also been great. My favourite so far has been fish and chips on a Friday! The House in the morning and evening is exciting. The sofa’s are sooooooo luxurious and the table tennis and table footy are great too. Create Club after school has been good too. Every day has a moment I enjoy. I love being in Prep as I can walk from the dining hall all by myself when I have finished my lunch. I enjoy this freedom. BCS is definitely not boring!! Every day is exciting with something different happening.

Aadya – Year 3 (new pupil)

I’ve enjoyed making new friends at BCS and taking part in PE lessons with Miss Crews has been really fun. Lunches have been great in the dining hall. I’ve chatted with new friends like Mia and Mr Wood! The classrooms all have the desks facing forward, but I quite like it. The House has been great and I’ve enjoyed Lamda, Create Club and acrobatics. It is nice to meet others and everybody likes Blue Coat. I’ve enjoyed playing chess at Chess club and I’ve won all my matches too. That was great! Another favourite moment has been hockey with Miss Crews. At BCS, you have to work hard, but we play and have loads of sport and clubs. It’s a great place to be!


 Jolin – Year 4

I’ve enjoyed getting to see my friends and teachers again, and getting to study again! I like the Year 4 Bubble a lot. Being in the busy House is good. My favourite moment so far has been finding out about the Battle of Bosworth. As for BCS, it is a very good school for getting a very good education, and I love being here!



Matthias  – Year 4 (new pupil)

The best thing about being back at school has been making new friends. Everyone has been really friendly. The Bubble has helped me get to know the children in Year 4 and I like being in the ‘House’. My favourite thing has been making new friends and playing with them at break and lunch. BCS is big and there’s a lot going on!



Sai – Year 5 (new pupil)

The thing I like most about being back at school is seeing my friends and playing with the new children at BCS. I enjoy just being with Year 5, especially in the House, so it’s not too crowded! My favourite moment so far is when I met Remy because he has been really nice to me. BCS is fun, everyone is friendly and the teaching is good quality!



Chloe – Year 5 (new pupil)

What I like most about being back at school is that I get to learn new things and I really like the new and exciting options at lunch! I enjoy just being with Year 5, the children and the staff are really helpful! The best thing so far has been making new friends: everyone has been really helpful. If I had to describe The Blue Coat School to someone not here, I would say that it is a really good school with good people!



Xavier – Year 5 (new pupil)

I have loved getting to see new friends. I feel safe in the year group bubbles and the teachers are really helpful. My best moment has been making new friends. I think Blue Coat is a school that is going to help my education and it is filled with really nice people.



Jodhay – Year 6 (new pupil)

From my first day, all of the children and teachers have been really welcoming and friendly. I feel like I have fitted right in! I think the bubbles are extremely helpful in keeping us safe during these times. The community feeling here makes me feel very safe and lucky. The Blue Coat School is a very welcoming school that feels like a family.




Seb – Year 6

I really like being back with all of Year 6 in the Hub. I much prefer being back in the classroom than working at a computer. Although it’s difficult not being able to see everyone in the school, it’s great to be able to talk to all of my friends in my year group.  My best moment in school so far this term was after an intense game of Table Tennis, we finally won due to my skills! Blue Coat can be summed up as fun, fun, fun!